Rate of exchange: Euro, a new absolute record is beaten!

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Rate of exchange euro: a new absolute record! The European single currency touched a new historical record ace with the green ticket, reaching 1,4806 dollar during the meeting the 20/11, before being folded up a little. The American currency is always weakened by concerns on the health of the first world economy. Rate of exchange euro: advantages and disadvantages... One euro strong appreciably protects us from the rise in the price of oil, paid in dollar, even if if paradoxically, the prices with the pump do not drop: it should be said that oil is with expensive currently, even in dollars... For our leisures, it is also favorable on holiday outward journey on the American continent, all the services being made out in dollar. The major disadvantage of a so weak dollar is for the companies having an activity with export, on the non-European markets, their competitiveness falls heavily... In addition, the difference between the two currencies do not reflect economic reality between the two continents, and that is never a good thing... the just reward to balance will be only harder!

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